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September 6, 2004

Early morning email exchange

From: "Todd Savely"
To: "'Lisa Whirrett'"
Subject: Love you Sweetie
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 05:23:17
Hope you slept well. See you this afternoon. Love you.


From: "Lisa Whirrett"
To: "Todd Savely"
Subject: Re: Love you Sweetie
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2004 07:46:56
I was sleeping so hard this morning. Hard enough that one half of my body had
died from staying in the same position too long. Luckily, I have this dog who
doesn't want me to lie in bed and atrophy like that. The sound of dog vomit will make one leap from bed regardless of their condition.

September 14, 2004

This site is boring

My friend NT told me yesterday that this site is boring. Somehow I managed to let the front page go blank again. This pesky little thing called work keeps getting in the way. The boss' new baby arrived six weeks ahead of schedule and I became an octopus with many tentacles wrapping around the things that needed corralled.

This site and the others hosted on it are in danger of going dark. Hosting is due again. In addition to not having the money (did I mention Todd's car blew up?), I am not sure it's worth it. I mean, it is worth it because it's been a steady part of the last 5 or 6 years but in the bigger picture, it's nothing really. Todd has pretty much abandoned his site altogether and I can't be as funny as I'd like to be here anymore. Which brings me to....

Good morning Hometown, USA. Yes, lots of locals read here and although I've nothing to hide, it's just uncomfortable when you think you've written to a select few and someone you barely know walks up and says "Say, I read ...". Also, I can't tell you how many people said "You're going to put this on your site, aren't you?" when they saw me taking storm pictures. It's just weird. I can't get any more descriptive than that this early in the AM.

In closing, why did I ask the band teacher to teach my son Taps on the trumpet? It's hauntingly beautiful but mostly just bone chilling at 7AM.

September 17, 2004

Is it November yet?

When I worked at the group home we would allow the kids to gather in the dining room and talk after school. It would soon become a steady hum that got louder and louder until all ten kids were talking at once. When the hum got too loud, no one could understand what the other was saying. It wasn't conversation anymore; it was just loud, obnoxious noise. When it hit that point we'd yell "NOISE LEVEL!!!". Everyone had to fall silent and stay that way for ten minutes. God, how I wish I could do that now. I could sure use a noise level break.

Supporters of both political parties are making loud, obnoxious noise that really has nothing to do with the facts at hand. It's just a deafening roar that has turned most of us in the middle off of the process altogether. I think the undecideds will vote for whichever party has irritated them the least. That's not how it's supposed to work. Can we all take a ten minute break and refocus? Concentrate on the here and now and your candidates plan for my future and then convince me who I should vote for.

Thank you.

September 20, 2004

Tropical Storm Lisa

Tropical Storm Lisa churned to life in the Atlantic yesterday. I wonder if that was at the same time the HUGE deer smashed down the side of my Buick?

September 21, 2004

Deer v. Buick

Sorry that my last post freaked some people out. The longer but still very short version of the story is this: We spent the day in Des Moines, walking the new mall, taking advantage of something fun that didn't cost money. Stopped to see two of my dearest friends who are like parents to me. All in all a good day. We were less than two minutes from home when a very large doe saw her chance to wreck my Buick. That is the way I look at it. My beautiful car is a deer magnet. It sucks them right out of the ditches and into the side of it.

Anyway, we're fine other than the usual sore spots you get when a large animal plows into you. I am so thankful Todd was driving. I think my instinct would have been to swerve which would have meant hitting a farm drive and launching into the corn field. He's been trained to control his initial response in every situation. He very calmly hit the brakes and let the deer do her thing, which was dance down the drivers side of my car. Three years ago the same thing only down the passengers side and not near as much damage.

The insurance company tells me this may total it. That thought makes me cry. I love my car. I just want them to fix it and give it back. I don't have time to hassle with it.

September 23, 2004

Do it for your hands

If you do dishes by hand, you must have Dawn Complete. It really does make your hands look better and softer. I love it so much that I had Todd get it in every color in case they discontinue it.

Yesterday an insurance adjuster showed up to "appraise" the Buick. Too bad the Buick was 70+ miles away in Des Moines like I'd told them it would be. I told them it had to be our daily driver since Todd's car had bit the dust and the truck was too much of a gas hog. Somehow that didn't get put in the proper place on a form or something. I guess they are going to try to see it in Des Moines today.

I stressed repeatedly and firmly to the adjuster that the car was my baby and if they thought they could total it and screw me over, they were wrong. Others have told me to just let it go if it is indeed time to do so. Hell no! I've had two cars in my life that I loved. A '79 Trans Am that was fast and leaky and my Riviera. The first had to go because C's dad laid out the ultimatum when we found out I was pregnant. Something about driving fast and being with child. There is no reason the Buick has to go. I love it. It's mine. I want it fixed. The end.

September 28, 2004

My friends

I have the most colorful friends. Really. This post will be about the purple ones and the pink and orange one.

Thanks to this purple one and this pink and orange one, JustLisa.com and all the entities that encompasses will live on another year. You can either thank them or throw tomatoes at them, depending on how you feel about me I guess.

Then there's my other purple friend who got me big time. I came home to find a box on my steps. I wasnt expecting a box so I told Emily to pick it up and bring it in. Imagine my surprise when I finally sat down to look at the address. Moosie!!! She sent me a lovely card, my very own purple moose mascot to ward off hormonal deer, and a new car. I wanted to take pictures of the package contents but my camera card is full of pictures again and no time to download and sort them.

Back to the orange and pink one... go on over and say hi. Just do it. Give her a big, sloppy kiss.

September 30, 2004

bah-deep bah-deep

C. just came through the living room, stopped in front of the TV where the presidential debate is on, and made this funky noise like "bah-deep! bah-deep! bah-deep! pffffffffffffffffffffffttttttttttt!!!" and then went on. I asked "What in the heck was that????" and he said "Oh nothing. I just don't like George W. Bush." First laugh I've had re: the election.

peeee... esssss... before any Bush lovers jump onto me, you should know we don't discuss politics in front of the children or much at all for that matter. It leads to discourse and strife if the right leaning man and the left leaning woman talk about the war or the election. Used to be we only had to avoid the topic of gun control. sigh.

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